Infinite Energy Construction | Projects
CAVE Modernization

Whiteman Air Force Base

Large Scale Modernization and Rehabilitation of an extremely secure and sensitive work environment requiring extensive coordination with users, multi-trade coordination & discipline, all with time sensitive delivery.


Relocation of Defensive Fighting Position

WSA Security Control

Relocation of Key Strategic Room in a short time period, requiring extensive multi-trade coordination and customer focus.


Building 509 Renovation

Whiteman Air Force Base

Comprehensive Renovation of Command Bldg. Construction of Sound-Proof and anti-intrusive facilities to specifications with design contribution. This project was nominated for a design award through U.S. Air Force.


Lighting Retrofit

Expansive and comprehensive Energy Audit and Savings project including baseline and post-project audits of energy consumption across multiple buildings.  Retrofit T-12 Lighting to LED Fixtures with large electrical execution demands.


MUNS Training Facility

Whiteman Air Force Base

Construction of key training facility with 3,500 SF pre-engineered metal building.


Spirit Gate

Whiteman Air Force Base

Military Base Protection Installation and Maintenance – upgrade of front entry gate using cutting edge ATFP Grab Barrier System.



ATC Fire Suppression

Large Scale project including the design and installation of new FOAM fire suppression system with mass notification.



Grenade Range Repair

Redesign and Repair of explosive training facility requiring extensive safety coordination and discipline across various trades all while maintaining flexibility to customer needs.


In & Out Processing Center

Ft. Irwin, CA

Extensive Renovation of functional processing center with tenant occupancy.  Improved electrical efficiency of the unit to meet rigorous new standards and equipped building with “energy star” fixtures.


Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility

Ft. Irwin, CA

Renovation executed with concurrent occupancy across various rooms and stories.  This project required substantial demolition, erection and finishing with HVAC and UPS systems, as well as construction of new reinforced sidewalks and aprons for truck deliveries.


Bldg 16 – New Construction Addition

Ft. Irwin, CA

New construction addition to existing structure of 2400 S.F.  to LEED Silver certification, with energy efficiency coordination and requirements throughout. Triple glazed windows, black out technology was utilized for security purposes along with security communication system. Additional environmental consideration included the select use of recycled materials.


Afghan Wall

Ft. Irwin, CA

Construction of mock Afghan village for realistic troop training.  Coordination and research efforts required to replicate the Afghan tactical environment warfare, IED, and logistics training.


Arrowhead Stadium LCD Display

Kansas City, MO

installation of ‘jumbo-tron’ LCD display at Arrowhead Stadium including all electrical installation requirements as well as erection planning and coordination.


Kauffman Stadium Concessions and Restrooms

Kansas City, MO

provided internal electrical installations for concessions and restrooms at the Royals’ Kauffman Stadium throughout facility.


General Motors Automotive Plant

Conveyor Installation and Upgrade – installation and upgrade to conveyor system within plant ‘shut-down’ period. This project involved meeting timeline and quality standards.


City of Kansas City Maintenance Contract

Electrical maintenance across various sites city-wide, over contract period. This work required responsiveness, along with quality and customer focus.


Ft. Leavenworth Building 44 HVAC Project

Ft. Leavenworth, KS

HVAC remodel of entire building at Ft. Leavenworth.  HVAC demolition, all control work, valving and installation of new boilers. Multiple challenges included working on a historically protected building, while the building’s occupants proceeded with their own mission critical assignments.


Ft. Leavenworth Post Security Cameras

Ft. Leavenworth, KS

The world’s first installation of a motion sensing security camera system capable of recognizing and discerning between animal and human patterns of motions.


Ft. Leavenworth #1 Scott

Ft. Leavenworth, KS

design and installation of a wireless security system in high-profile building that houses Army senior command.  This project required strict adherence to historical building regulations while meeting superior security requirements.