Infinite Energy Construction | General Contracting

Pre Construction

Estimating – Providing project estimating and a reliable, timely cost model supported by a deep database.

Design Build & Design Bid Build responses on various project requirements
Electrical Design (low, medium, high voltage)

Feasibility Studies – Analyzing life cycle costs for building systems alternatives

Scheduling – Developing a complete team schedule showing who and what goes where and when.

MEP Review – Evaluating evolving mechanical, electrical and plumbing system concepts and coordinating engineering services.

Construction Review – Determining ease and speed of the building process.

Risk Management – Controlling cost, schedule and owner objectives to mitigate risk.

Market Analysis – Understanding the unique requirements of your project in the context of market conditions and trends.

Cost Control – Providing the most efficient design and construction methods to achieve value.

Quality Control – Monitoring Methods, procedures and checks from start to finish with the goal of meeting established standards.


LEED Certification – Meeting sustainable design and construction criteria for Leadership in

Energy & Environment Design certification and recognition.

Electrical Self-Performance.

Process Monitoring – Monitoring actual versus forecasted schedule/budget

Scheduling – Developing a complete team schedule showing who and what goes where and when.

Change Order Management – Limiting need for revisions.

Quality Control and Testing – Validation of actual to specifications.

Labor Relations – Pro-active resolution of potential issues.

Post Construction
  • Commissioning – Ensuring that building systems are designed, installed and activated according to owner’s operational needs.
  • Lien Releases – Severing of contractual ties to vendors.
  • O&M Manuals – Development of operations and maintenance instructions.
  • Change Order Management – Limiting need for revisions.
  • Final Closeout – Completion of punch listed items.

General Contracting

IEC brings experience, ability, and expertise to the table, no matter what your construction needs.

We have a proven record of past performance with exceptional results in every phase of Preconstruction, Construction, and Post-Construction. Specifically, IEC provides services in estimation, feasibility analysis, scheduling, construction review, risk management, market analysis and cost & quality control.

In the construction phase, IEC effectively manages construction and contractual requirements with wide experience in commercial, industrial and institutional projects. Our past performance shows a history of success in contract management, construction management, labor relations coordination, customer (user) interface, change order management, as well as a robust safety management plan.  IEC can also self-perform most electrical sub-trade facets of construction, to provide even more value to customers.

Last but not least, we closely monitor close-out processes. We pride ourselves on transparent and diligent documentation, rigorous quality control & testing, and effective change order management.