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3 Ways Technology is Changing the Job Site

09.03.2017 in Blog

It’s getting harder and harder to keep up with the latest tech. Seems like a new social media platform debuts every week, virtual reality appears in every commercial break, and a smart belt buckle is now available for purchase (yeah, really).

Adding ‘value’ to ‘value engineering’

Adding ‘value’ to ‘value engineering’

30.01.2017 in Blog

It doesn’t matter if we’re working on an Army base in California, a new condo construction in Kansas City or a top-secret government installation in South Carolina—budget is always a top priority. And regardless of how much I try to estimate the cost of a project ahead of time, too many other factors are in play that can have an adverse effect on the cost. It’s no surprise I’m a big fan of value engineering.

Safety Saves Lives—and Money

Safety Saves Lives—and Money

01.11.2016 in Blog

In the construction industry, safety is not just a buzzword, and it’s not just a box to check to pass an inspection. At IEC, safety is a topic we take seriously.