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IEC Hometown team - KCI

A hometown KCI team builds a stronger hometown

22.08.2017 in Blog

Being in the business, I tend to notice job site construction trailers maybe a little more than the next guy. As I drove past the Corbin Park development at 135th & Metcalf recently, I saw a familiar site: lots of construction trailers with names I didn’t recognize from cities far away. I suppose it’s part of the industry, especially common in Kansas as a right-to-work state (and soon to become more familiar in Missouri since it passed the same legislation earlier this year). So, it makes me especially proud to be part of the hometown team led by Burns & McDonnell, hoping to build a new terminal for KCI. For more than 20 years, IEC has been a part of the small-business fabric that makes our city strong, and we’ve helped build a variety of residential and commercial projects throughout the metro that have improved and strengthened the area for…

Women in the Construction Industry

Women Work: Why gender diversity is good for the construction industry

18.07.2017 in Blog

While the U.S. has made strides in promoting workplace equality for women, we still have a long way to go. After all, it was only a little more than a year ago that women were allowed to apply for all military jobs, including ground combat forces, and certain industries – like electrical and general contracting – still seriously suffer from a gender gap. In fact, only about 9 percent of construction workers are women, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which is unacceptable if companies are going to be successful in the years ahead. Our industry has a major perception issue, and it’s going to require all of us making incremental steps together to effect real change. Professional perception Perception is a tough nut to crack. If you ask most people to describe a typical construction worker, you’ll get a lot of descriptions of a middle-aged man, usually white,…

Safety cop or safety coach: A question of balance

Safety cop or safety coach: A question of balance

22.05.2017 in Blog

I still remember many of my teachers from my high school days, and each had a different style for managing the classroom. One older teacher was the old-school, strict disciplinarian type, a real stickler for the rules. You couldn’t so much as whisper in her classroom without incurring her wrath. (I remember being the focus of many of her reprimands over the course of that year.)

Right-to-work Missouri

Clearing up Right-to-Work Confusion

27.04.2017 in Blog

On Aug. 28, Missouri’s new right-to-work law, signed by Governor Greitens earlier this year, goes into effect across the state, making Missouri one of 28 states with such a law. The new change has spurred many questions and concerns among IEC’s employees and partners, and the law is often fraught with confusion and misinformation. Nilson Goes, chief of operations, addresses the issue in this month’s blog to help explain how the new legislation may impact the company and the Kansas City region. So, what is “right to work”? Basically, the new law says an employee doesn’t need to join or pay into a union as part of employment. Is that related at all to “prevailing wage”? The state’s Prevailing Wage Law sets a minimum rate that must be paid to anyone working on a public works project (e.g., bridges, roads, government buildings, etc.) in Missouri. While it differs by county…

Technology in Construction

3 Ways Technology is Changing the Job Site

09.03.2017 in Blog

It’s getting harder and harder to keep up with the latest tech. Seems like a new social media platform debuts every week, virtual reality appears in every commercial break, and a smart belt buckle is now available for purchase (yeah, really).

Adding ‘value’ to ‘value engineering’

Adding ‘value’ to ‘value engineering’

30.01.2017 in Blog

It doesn’t matter if we’re working on an Army base in California, a new condo construction in Kansas City or a top-secret government installation in South Carolina—budget is always a top priority. And regardless of how much I try to estimate the cost of a project ahead of time, too many other factors are in play that can have an adverse effect on the cost. It’s no surprise I’m a big fan of value engineering.

Safety Saves Lives—and Money

Safety Saves Lives—and Money

01.11.2016 in Blog

In the construction industry, safety is not just a buzzword, and it’s not just a box to check to pass an inspection. At IEC, safety is a topic we take seriously.