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August 2017

IEC Hometown team - KCI

A hometown KCI team builds a stronger hometown

22.08.2017 in Blog

Being in the business, I tend to notice job site construction trailers maybe a little more than the next guy. As I drove past the Corbin Park development at 135th & Metcalf recently, I saw a familiar site: lots of construction trailers with names I didn’t recognize from cities far away. I suppose it’s part of the industry, especially common in Kansas as a right-to-work state (and soon to become more familiar in Missouri since it passed the same legislation earlier this year). So, it makes me especially proud to be part of the hometown team led by Burns & McDonnell, hoping to build a new terminal for KCI. For more than 20 years, IEC has been a part of the small-business fabric that makes our city strong, and we’ve helped build a variety of residential and commercial projects throughout the metro that have improved and strengthened the area for…