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April 2017

Right-to-work Missouri

Clearing up Right-to-Work Confusion

27.04.2017 in Blog

On Aug. 28, Missouri’s new right-to-work law, signed by Governor Greitens earlier this year, goes into effect across the state, making Missouri one of 28 states with such a law. The new change has spurred many questions and concerns among IEC’s employees and partners, and the law is often fraught with confusion and misinformation. Nilson Goes, chief of operations, addresses the issue in this month’s blog to help explain how the new legislation may impact the company and the Kansas City region. So, what is “right to work”? Basically, the new law says an employee doesn’t need to join or pay into a union as part of employment. Is that related at all to “prevailing wage”? The state’s Prevailing Wage Law sets a minimum rate that must be paid to anyone working on a public works project (e.g., bridges, roads, government buildings, etc.) in Missouri. While it differs by county…